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March 29, 2007

truck love

I know Ninsi has mentioned this phenomenon to me. She may have even blogged about it. But I saw it again this morning, and it really, really baffles me.

Im on my way in to work this morning, and in front of me there is a white Chevrolet truck. On the tailgate, they have had some airbrushed painting done. It is a difficult scene to describe. Possible a jungle? Maybe an aquifer? In the Mayan jungle? Whatever, there was a building that may have been a temple, but it had water pouring out of it, creating a waterfall into a lake or pond or watever. Across the lake from this waterfall building was a car and a truck. Not just any truck, but an exact redention of the truck I was following. I can only presume the car was an exact rendition of the guy's car. And, over the whole scene, bigger than the truck, and the building, was Jesus! Doing the 'big-arms' thing.

It was almost like it was showing these two cars that had taken a pilgrimage to a holy lake, where they found Jesus. In the Mayan jungle. Presumably, since the truck had a picture of itself, the truck in the picture also had the same picture, ad infinitum...

What it really made me think of was that Beavis and Butthead episode, where they get all fired up about getting a tattoo "of a butt, on your butt." Because that's almost exactly what this was. I also wonder what the guy does if he sells the other car and buys something new? Does he have to get the whole tailgate redone? Or is it truly a mystical drawing that will magically reform to the new vehicle?

If anyone can explain the thought behind having a picture of Jesus doing big-arms over your car, I am all ears.

Oh yeah, he also had one those knock offs of Calvin (calvin and hobbes) pissing on the Ford logo.

April 26, 2007

4 bits

Something that annoys me:
I had a gift certificate to for $40. I found what I wanted, and purchased it. It was not availible for 'free super saver shipping.' Whatever. After shipping though, the total cost was $40.50.

Which means I have to put Fifty cents onto a credit or debit card. And that's just stupid. But Im not about to go back and buy more random stuff just so I can make it a worthwhile debit purchase. A $.50 transaction. I wish they would just send me the stuff, and I could owe them the two quarters next time I buy something. There's no doubt that I will.

In the meantime, it just pisses me off that I have a $.50 charge on my debit card.

April 27, 2007

Suit up

I bought a new suit last night. It wasn't really my plan when I started my evening, but that's pretty much how it ended up. I have been thinking of getting a new suit, and was planning to do it later this Summer. I just happened to be mentioning it out loud to Ninsi when we drove by the Men's Warehouse. So I turned in and thought Id have a look.

A good salesman's job is to size up the customer quickly, and present them with the best options right off. The guy that met me when we went in did just that. The first suit that he showed me was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. And it fit without any alterations. Really, I had no excuse to not go ahead and buy it, since as I said, I was planning to get one later anyway. So now I have another suit to wear on the cruise in August.

In other news:
I suppose I could set up a webcam the next time I paint something and let the world watch that paint dry. It should be about as exciting as watching cheese age.

May 30, 2007


I bought a new beard trimmer back in January. Some of you may recall that was about the time I started growing a new beard. Anyway, when I came home Monday evening, the first thing I saw upon opening the door was a piece of the new trimmer. Barley had gotten ahold of it, and chewed up the two plastic parts from the top. Those being the guard, and the receptacle for the hair. The rest of the trimmer was fine. So, I went online trying to find out where I could get replacement parts. Couldn't find them anywhere. I finally called Phillips Norelco and told the woman on the other end that my dog had eaten the trimmer. Lisa was her name. She asked when I bought it, and then said I could send in the whole thing, including the chewed bits, and they would completely replace it with a new one. A brand new one because my dog ate the old one! Im pretty sure that being eaten by the dog doesn't fall under 'normal wear and tear' but if they send me a new one because it is still under warranty, I'll not complain. I'll sing their praises, instead. I'll know for sure in 10-14 days after they've had a chance to get mine, and send a new one.

May 31, 2007

She's back

An ameteur scientist has caught the Loch Ness Monster on video. I watched a clip from a Scottish news program that showed a snippet of the tape. There's not much to see. It's something moving in the water pretty far out. It'll take some detailed analysis for them to figure out if it is anything or not. But, in the meantime, it's fresh publicity for the Loch.

ESPN is covering the National Spelling Bee this year. They have a sideline reporter, and commentary by Mike&Mike. And they talk about it on all the sports shows. It's pretty funny. They aren't taking is seriously, but the fact that they are covering it, and the occassional 'drama', such as the early exit of one of the favorites and his subsequent appeal (which was denied) is entertaining. It is a really slow time for sports right now. The current playoffs completely suck. And well, there's nothing engrossing in baseball for a couple more months. So if you are a network that relays on competition, you take what you can get. And right now, that would be the Spelling Bee.

June 1, 2007

Bubba Hur

When nothing takes long, you can do a lot at lunch. Amongst other things, I went to Best Buy at lunch today. Was thinking I might buy "Bubba Ho-tep." Some of you may recall it as being among the best movies to appear this decade.

I did not see it on the aisles, so I asked the guy if they had it. He said 'yup' and immediately led me to where he thought it was. His hand reached for, and nearly picked up, Ben Hur before he realized the error.

There's a B. There's an H. Outside of that, you really can't draw any similarities between those two movies. Okay, I've give you the 'U', but that's about it. Not even close. As luck would have it, they aren't currently stocking Bubba Ho-tep in the stores because it is being re-released in August. So unless they have an old copy, they are waiting for the new edition. Maybe I'll wait for that as well. Not on purpose, mind you. Odds are, I will forget to buy it in the next week, and it will be August before I remember again.

On the blood clot front, I started my new self-prescribed therapy last night. It involved a splash of Martini&Rossi, and a little more Goose. I feel better already.

June 5, 2007


Sometimes, we do dumb things.

As I mentioned last week, I had to send back my Philips Norelco beard trimmer because the dog ate it, and they said they would just replace the whole thing. I had to send in the trimmer, and the charger cord, and any other bits that went with it. So, I sent all that in last week, and am hoping to receive something from them about mid-month.

This morning, right before I got into the shower, I was debating whether or not to shave. I haven't shaved much the past three weeks. Im not trying to grow a beard, but wasn't wanting to be clean shaven either. But, lacking the trimmer, my options are beard, or clean shave every couple days. Anyway, this morning, as I was brushing my teeth, I looked at my shaver, which is also a Philips Norelco (the Spectra 8894) product, and noticed the cord was missing. Half a beat later, I realized what a dumbass Id been last week. I had sent in the charging cord for my shaver, instead of the trimmer.

I called them on my way into work this morning and explained my error. They couldn't simply send back my cord because that package goes to a different warehouse and will just be recycled. But the lady said she could just send me out a new charger! I'm really loving the customer service of Philips Norelco now. In two weeks, they've saved me from myself, and from my dog. In the meantime, my shaver is fully charged, and the charge usually will last me over a month of shaving, so I'll be fine until the cord arrives.

In other news: I have an appointment with a hemotologist/oncologist next Wednesday. He should be able to determine if anything is actually wrong with me, and if so, how bad it is.

June 8, 2007

She's trying to kill meh

Got my INR back today. Im at 1.3, so it has gone up, slightly. But not enough. Im starting to figure out why...

Ninsi wanted some blackberries when we were at the Farmer's Market last weekend. So we got some, and she gave some to me. She also cooked me dinner Monday night, and used a lot of soy sauce. And last night, she made me a salad with baby spinich.

Today, since my INR was not as high as hoped, I did some intergooglin' and found a site that listed Vitamin K amounts for various foods.

For a person taking Coumadin who is trying to increase his INR, you know what I can't eat?
Salads with Spinich.

Fortunately for me, I didnt eat the salad. I talked to the nurse for a bit and she was going back and forth to the doctor. Apparently they just assumed people dont eat as much fruit as I do. My diet is too healthy for this drug. It's a good thing I didnt get asparagus with my fish two days ago. That's even worse than blackberries.

The sum of my conversation with the nurse? Eat slightly less healthy - doctor's orders.
Now, who doesnt want to be me? ;)

June 11, 2007


She planned it, in secret, for two months. My friends kept it a secret for nearly as long. And Saturday, I was thrown a secret Un-birthday party. When I walked into Reptile's house, and everyone shouted, I was mostly confused. They were shouting, and blowing things and all wearing funny hats. And Ninsi had put a funny hat on my head.

When I get confused, my reaction is to keep doing exactly what I was doing when the confusion started so as to give myself time to figure it out. In this case, I was walking, so I kept walking, into the kitchen to put my stuff down. That gave me enough time to realize what was going on. It probably also had the unintended effect of making me seem not surprised, because I didnt stop and say "Wha?"

It was very cleverly planned, and really, the biggest surprise is that no one let it slip for the two months they've all known. There were a couple close calls. With the biggest near miss being someone in email saying "Dont you have a birthday coming up?" There were other clues, but none significant enough in itself. Looking back, I can remember half a dozen things that I noticed as being a little off, but I never put it all together. I had no reason to suspect anything. I also have a penchant for not asking questions, which made it a lot easier for Ninsi.

But it was a good time. Which a very well done cake. Pity no one brought a camera. Thanks go out to all my friends that were able to make it happen. :)

June 18, 2007

Double take

Spent the weekend with the Squid in OK. Except for Blockbuster pissing me off, we had a good time. Also saw Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, since it was the only thing we could almost agree on. Neither of us was really excited about seeing it. It wasn't great. I suppose it was alright for the $5.50 each it cost me, but it wouldn't be worth the $8.50 it would cost here in Dallas. I also almost got really annoyed with the theater when I learned they did not take debit cards. Fortunately, I had enough cash.

Headed back to Dallas on Sunday, and stopped off in Durant for about 2.5 hours to play some poker. I won a little more than I lost so that wasn't bad. After leaving the poker game, I was driving and talking to Reptile, and passed a Mustang. I looked over as I passed and then had to look back again because the girl driving it was surprisingly hot. I didnt even notice that there was another girl in the car until they passed me a little later. I forgot what I was talking about to Reptile and had to concentrate back on the road. The girl was just that hot.

Almost as hot as Ninsi...

June 19, 2007

Bo knows

Some of you know my friend Mo. She works here. This morning, when she came in, she saw this in her cube - Bo knows. I found it inordinately funny. Bo is pretty buff there. It is pretty old school to make the 'Bo Knows' reference. The real kicker is, she doesn't know who did it, but I do...

Went to the gym last night and ran a 5k in 26.5 minutes. I didnt mean to run at 7 mph the entire time, but I did. The last half mile almost put me down. I think I should start swimming some. Work new muscles.

June 21, 2007


My car has a problem. Having over one hundred ten thousand miles is not the problem. The interior carpet being ripped from having lost a diamond in it, is not the problem. No, the problem is putting it into gear after I start it.

It is an old issue that went away for a while, and returned today with a vengence. When I went to lunch, I started the car, and tried to put it into drive, but I couldn't take it out of Park. The switch that disengages the transmission so I can shift into Drive wouldn't go. It is supposed to disengage when I push the break. I pumped the brake a couple dozen times. Restarted the car. Finally, after about fifty or sixty brake pumps, it clicked over and I was able to shift to Drive and go on to lunch.

It did it again when I left lunch, but I have figured out a workaround for it, I think. If I turn the key to 'run' but not actually start the car, it will disengage the transmission and I can put the car into neutral. Then I can actually start the car and bypass the whole brake aspect of it.

I should probably take it in to have someone look at it. My poor car. What's the Squid going to do if it should fail me? There was a very good chance she was going to get the Saturn in another three years...

June 26, 2007


The mailbox was full when I got home yesterday. Full of things both expected and dreaded.

I had three new bills from the hospital and blood clinic. I'd been expecting a bill from the hospital, but was afraid of how much it was going to be. I was not expecting the bills from the clinic. Insurance didnt fully cover all the bloodwork, but it isnt too bad. I owe the clinic about $50 for three tests.

I was really concerned with the hospital bill. They charged the insurance about $6000. I knew BC/BS woudn't pay it all, so it was always a question of 'how much?' They actuall paid just under $4k. Then the hospital made an adjustment of almost $2k, so my final bill from them is only $125. I can live with that.

A few weeks back, I posted about having to send in my old trimmer to Philips Norelco because the dog ate it. Well, yesterday I received a brand new one in the mail. I also got the new earbuds for my phone so I can listen to MP3s again at work. Im debating whether or not to invest in some stereo bluetooth headsets. Then I would be able to listen without the damn cord.

Someone finally called to schedule a time to pick up the conference table. Should be taking care of that tomorro evening. And possibly getting rid of the bigass tent on Friday. I'll finally be able to completely reclaim the garage. Maybe use the funds from the table or tent to get some more shelves for it. I think one more set of shlelves is in order.

I also think Im going to have to send my wedding ring back to the guy that made it. I seem to have bent it somehow. I think it might have a lifetime warranty. I'm not sure on that though.

June 27, 2007


Oklahoma City has already received 10 inches more rain this year than normal. Flooding abounds. It's just weird. El Nino? No. Global Warming? Possibly, but not likely yet. The actual storms would be worse.

Was forwarded this link this morning about a giant microwave that turns plastics back into oil and gas. It's a great idea, and I can see how it should work. There's still a tingle in the back of my head though that says something about it isnt quite right. Maybe it is too easy?

Soundly asleep last night were Ninsi and I. Maybe an hour. Suddenly, both dogs just went nuts barking, and running out of the room downstairs. It's a horribly unpleasant way to be awoken. I dont know what set them off. I went downstairs and looked around outside, but couldnt see or hear anything. Im thinking maybe some other animal, like a cat or opossum stuck its head in the dog door and they heard it. Barley went ahead and woke up every two hours after that, assuring that neither Ninsi or I could get a good sleep in.

Stupid dogs.

June 28, 2007

From teh past...

When I was a freshman in college, I was enrolled in the Engineering college. Anyone so enrolled was automatically granted access to the main computer lab. I spent many hours there tieing up line printers and playing MuDs. Occassionally I would talk to Reptile, who was going to college in Tulsa.

Back then, you could "finger" someone at a remote location to see if they were online. And if they were, you could initiate a "talk" session. This would spilit your screen across the middle and you could see what they type and it was very much like instant messaging is today. With the difference being that you saw each letter as it was typed. And if they backspaced, you saw that. So you could laugh at someone's horrible typing skills. Whereas today, you can type a message, and nothing shows until you send it. And you can spellcheck it first if you need to. Not so with the old method.

Anyway, I haven't used Talk in over Fifteen years (yes, children, we haven't *always* had talk, but it's been around a long time), until today. One of the guys is out sick at home. And rather than message or call me, he opened up a talk session.

Ah, gentle nostalgia.

June 29, 2007

Salami Fever

You know you want some of this...

salami fever

July 6, 2007

Bottom Line

You give away $30 billion dollars of your personal fortune to your charity, and eventually it will catch up to you. Reports are starting to surface that Bill Gates is no longer the richest person in the world. It's a Mexican named Carlos Slim. Telecommunications mongol.

the article

I heard about this guy a couple months ago, and mentioned it again to my brother after he made a $50 collect phone call from Cancun. Told him he was contributing to the wealth of Slim. Not that he had a choice of carriers from where he was calling.

July 10, 2007

The dingo stole meh bebe

Ninsi and I went to the gym last night. We go two or three times a week. She generally works out with her trainer. I run a lot. Though I have finally started using some of the machines.
While we were on the way last night, as we were at a stop light, a fire engine pulled out of its station and lights a'flashin took off down the road. It was heading the same direction as us, but got to skip through all the lights. When we finally made it to the gym, the same fire engine was there.


But, there was no fire. No accident. No one had passed out or anything severe. One woman, however, had done something foolish, though purely on accident. She had locked her small child in the car, with the keys. We drove in just as they were popping the lock and the woman was in panic about her baby. The kid was fine. It happens.

I do believe the Squid was once locked in the car with the keys. She's no worse for it. I did not do it, of course. I always made a point to get her out of the car even if I was going to run into the store for "only a second." I think the woman at the gym just had a brain fart though. She wasnt planning on leaving him in the car while she worked out. Or it's possible the tot locked the doors while she was walking around to get him out. /shrug

Possibly back to the gym tonight. Definitely going to the grocery store.

July 11, 2007

Too old for this

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out last night. Started at about midnight at most theaters. Ninsi had an inch to see it right off. So we went. I'll not go into the details. It was the longest of the books, and one of the shorter of the movies, so a lot was left out, or glossed over. And some things were down right wrong from the book. But, whatever, it's a movie. It was better than number Three.

Of course we didnt get home until about 3 am, and so I've been mostly draggin' ass today. And probably wont get home til almost 11:30 tonight. And tomorrow I have to work late for some testing. And Saturday is the party. I'm not sure when this week got so busy.

Getting the A/C on the Mustang repaired today since it decided to just quit working yesterday. Nothing makes you feel quite so good as unexpected automotive expenses. Joy.

Oh! But this is very exciting! I think FJ may have creamed when I sent her the link to the baby mammoth.

July 12, 2007

Space is limited

We are having a dinner party Saturday. We have a total of fourteen chairs in the house. Today, the number of guests jumped from 13 to 18. Four of those new ones are kids.

It will be interesting to see if we can actually get everyone seated. Reptile is going to bring Zero's folding chairs, so we should have enough actual space for butts. However, that doesn't mean we have enough table or floor space for everyone.

I'll be working on the logistics of seating arrangements on Saturday while Im cooking. I have a turkey. It's only 16.67 pounds. I fear it may not be quite enough. Granted, there will be more than ample supply of desserts. But I will probably go and buy a small ham to augment the turkey anyway.

Or I could just get a small chicken and put it on the rotisserie. hmm. That might not be a bad idea. Though, I think if I get a ham, I wont have to actually cook it. And it will probably be hot on Saturday.

Sunday, we clean.

July 13, 2007

Eat meh taco and die

What's tacos got to do with it?
Bout as much as love.

I can not comprehend why someone would need to employ the services of the Google search to figure out the conversion of Pacific Time to Central Time. I'm staring straight at you, Mo.

The mind boggles.

July 16, 2007


Possibly way back in the archives I mention the wall built by my neighbor. I had a wood fence between us, but when they moved in last March, they had a brick wall built. The concrete runoff from the footing poured onto my side and destroyed chunks of my fence. The neighbor never even talked to us before starting the wall.

Fast forward. Ive been working on cleaning up the back yard completely, and it is pretty much done. But for the concrete that was still on my side. A couple weeks ago when I was busting up the small amount on my side in the front yard, I saw my neighbor outside and talked to him. Turns out, I wasnt talking to the neighbor, but a friend or relative instead. But that guy went to fetch the actual neighbor, so I talked to him and explained the problem with the concrete and rocks.

A couple days later, he came over while Ninsi was home and busted up the excess concrete and put it all into a nice pile in my yard. It sat there for about two weeks until Friday evening while I was mowing the yard, the neighbor came over with another guy and they proceeded to throw all the rocks over the wall into his yard. So now that part of the back yard is done.

I think I'll plant some monkey grass or something along the length of the wall to cover up the footing somewhat. But it is way better already than it was. And it seems like maybe the neighbor isnt a such a bad guy after all. Just someone that didnt want to talk to us before he built the wall. Though, I dont really expect to talk to him much more now. But at least the backyard is clean.

July 17, 2007

Stupid Dogs

Barley came close to becoming an outside dog last night.
The dogs like to sit downstairs by the windows and watch outside. Barley went down at some point and just randomly started huffing. Not quite a full bark, but every few minutes, he would huff loud enough to be heard. It wasn't so bad once I got up and shut the door. But a couple times, both dogs just started barking at something outside.

Turns out one of our neighborhood dogs, either one of the random strays, or possibly one of the neighbor's dogs, had gotten into the neighbor's trash. And dragged it across the street into our yard. So this morning I had a whole lot of someone else's trash in my yard. Fucking dogs.

I called animal control, but I doubt they do anything. There are at least half a dozen dogs that are off-leash at any given time on our street. They need to be all rounded up and taken to the shelter so that maybe the neighbors will learn to lease them, or keep them in. I dont care if they are just chihuahuas or terriers. About half of them are. The others are larger dogs. Lab mixes and golden retrievers. Ninsi thinks it was the retriever that got into the trash.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the city will manage to catch a couple of them. Although, Im not sure they actually do anything. On the website it says they will 'investigate' strays and off-leash dogs. That isn't exactly promising.

July 18, 2007

Mafrican drum lord

Had a doctors appointment this morning. All is well. Mostly.
The nurse always takes your vitals before you see the doc. Blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate, etc. She took my temp this morning, and I knew something was wrong from the way she was looking at her digital readout. It took her a really long time to say "96.4 That's really low. Too low." So we did it again. It came out to 97.8. Still low, but better. I told her that maybe she needed a new thermometer. Otherwise, all is well.

Last night, Ninsi and I sat down in the living room to eat dinner. The TV had been recording something on SciFi, and so it was still on that channel when we flipped back to live tv. They were doing their Tuesday night wrestling thing. And as we watched for thirty seconds, the announcer said several inane things. He mentioned the martial arts training of one of the combatants, and then called him a 'mafrican' and a 'looner.' He then went on to say that he "beat to his own drum lord."

It was completely crazy. The SciFi wrestling may suck as a show to watch, but there's much humor to be gained from just listening to it.

July 23, 2007

Sound advice

I went to see the doc last Wednesday. That afternoon, I had blood taken for testing. Thursday, the doctor's office called and said the doctor wanted to actually speak to me. Usually the nurse just tells me the INR and what new dosage to take. Instead, the doc said that my INR was too high (3.7). So, he told me my new dosage, and also said:

"And if you notice any blood in your urine, go to the emergency room right away."

Thanks, doc. I dont think I would have thought to do that otherwise. Because, you know, I piss red as a general rule.

July 31, 2007


Three days.

Went to Wendy's for lunch today, because I was in a bit of a hurry. Wound up behind two elderly ladies in line. They were well into and beyond their eighties. Possibly mother and daughter. Slow moving. Slow speaking. I was praying they would order together from one of the two registers. No. They had to each go to a register to place their order. The line behind them immediately started growing geometrically. They both had to ask questions about the stuff on the menu. "What's the difference in the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and the Homestyle Chicken Sandwich?" "What is that two and a half pound burger for $4.99?" (It was Combo number 2: a 1/2 pound burger, but she didnt want a combo...)

I aged significantly waiting behind them in line.

August 13, 2007


We're back, btw.

Florence Henderson is a nice lady
Alaska is cool
Alaska Airline sucks

August 15, 2007


There was a naturalist on the cruise. He was just a guy that had camped out in Alaska for a couple years or so and then wrote a book. I dont really know what kind of an expert that made him. He had buddies, and modern equipment, so I doubt he was roughing it too much. But he was on the cruise, and gave a lot of lectures. I was not overly impressed by him though. He did not seem to really offer anything unique or insightful. Most of what he said could easily have been read in a book at a tourist store.

Florence Henderson (Mrs Brady) was also on the cruise. We saw her a couple of times, and she looks great. Ninsi and I would up on an elevator with her at one point and she made elevator small talk while we rode up a couple flights. She was infinitely more interesting than the naturalist dude.

I will eventually get around to putting some pictures up on a page. I'll trim the size down so it wont take forever to load, but it may be a few days or a couple weeks still til I do that. I have put up a couple pictures from one of the formal nights on MySpace and Facebook. But nothing terribly exciting.

Nothing planned this weekend. Probably dinner with the guys that are heading to Scotland next week and that's about it. It will be good to relax. Ninsi and I are trying to figure out how to best use the travel vouchers we received from Delta for getting (voluntarily) bumped. We must use them for travel before August 3, 2008, and they are enough to fly us both anywhere in the lower 48. We really hadn't planned on flying anywhere until about September though, so we're not sure what we're going to do.

We're trying to figure out if we can manage a few days in the Caribbean with them and not cost ourselves too much out of pocket. Other suggestions would be accepted if you have any.

August 16, 2007

In sessions

School is about to start up again for the kiddies. And that is a real pain in my ass. Mainly because it will add at least 10 minutes to my morning commute because I have to go through no less than four school zones.

Going through the zones wouldnt be too bad if one of them wasn't also in a construction zone where traffic is forced to merge to one lane. Combining the slow allowed rate of travel, with a traffic light, and one lane adds up to one very long line every morning.

Something was futzed this morning already. One of the streets I take out of the neighborhood was shut down and everyone was forced to u-turn and go back to find an alternate route. From where I come, there is only one alternate route to take at that point and everyone was on it. And of course there is construction on that road as well so you lose a lane on it just in case there wasnt enough congestion already.

The next nine months are gonna be traffic splendid

August 22, 2007

Artic dreams

I read a few webcomics every morning after I get up. One of them this morning featured a penguin. When I saw the penguin, it triggered something and made me remember a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was in the body of a walrus. I wasnt actually a walrus, just in one. There was a whole bunch of them though. And there was an advancing horde of sea lions about to attack.

Yes, I know, sea lions dont attack walruses. It was a dream.

The attack never actually happened. The walruses kept retreating to a point of their choosing, so they could then counter-attack by doing what walruses do. Which apparently was slide down the glacier from on high and attack from above. Got the visual yet? Walruses sliding down the ice in attack forms against sea lions.

I did submerge at one point and notice a severe lack of fish in the area for eating. And I made a comment about it to whomever was in walrus form next to me. Maybe that is why the sea lions and walruses were at war. Lack of food.

Honestly, I think I can sleep better without my dreams being preachy about overfishing and global warming creating unstable habitats for walruses and sea lions.

August 27, 2007

More of the same

I had my bloodwork done last week for the first time in about three weeks. I have been taking the Cumadin for almost a solid three months now. It is sporadic at best. I just talked to the assistant for my Dr, and my INR is a 1.0 as of last Wednesday. I would have better luck just taking aspirin.

I want a new drug. One that works.

August 31, 2007


Sometimes, people say odd things. Yesterday, as I passed a woman in the hallway, I heard her say into her phone:

"There is definitely rotten fish in Denmark."

I was unsure if she had misquoted, or if she was just twisting the original saying to fit herself. I think it was the latter. It was still funny.

Much driving to be done today. Perhaps all the way to Tulsa, but possibly only so far as McAlester. We really wont know until later. Depends in large part on exactly how many other people are trying to get out of Dallas this afternoon and how much that slows us down as we try to leave. We will at least make a pit-stop in McAlester tonight. And the rest of the weekend will be spent hanging out with Ninsi's fam.

Football started last night. Life is good again.
Everyone have a safe holiday weekend.

September 7, 2007


Sports personalities say the darndest things sometimes.
I think my personal favorite is still the "tallest midget" comparisons. I wish I could accurately remember what all the guy said last week when Ninsi and I were on our way to Tulsa. They were interviewing a high school football coach, and he said something like:

"Well, we were throwing it down thar, and we were catchin' it."
and moments later when asked about a previous game:
"That was a game we definitely could have lost, but we won."

They are very able to say things that are completely true, but otherwise meaningless. Today, on the radio, they mentioned a long standing stat for a particular team. And the guy said "It's kinda like George Washington's brother being called the Uncle of our Country. Technically, it is true, but it is completely meaningless."

At least he recognized the stat was worthless I only where they come up with their comparisons.

Big game tomorrow. Ninsi and I are off to Norman tonight.

September 13, 2007


Did some cleaning last night. After getting home late from work, I decided it was time to organize a bunch of old CDs and DVDs I had laying around. Mostly software and pictures. I would up throwing away a whole lot of them. Mostly installation CDs that were nearly 10 years old. I still have a few left that I haven't quite decided to toss yet.

What I couldnt figure out is why I have four copies of Windows '98. Four. It wasnt a very good operating system. I also have my original copy of Windows '95. Im keeping it for posterity. Or in case I get stuck with something like a x86 PC and want to play that tank game where you dig around til you find the other guy and shoot them. I cant remember the name of it.

Anyway, I got rid of a bunch of crap, and now my crap pile is smaller. That's a plus.

September 19, 2007

You did what?

Kudos to my friend, Prosper, who informed me today that she is married, as of nineteen days ago. It was quick, but not sudden. They've been together for quite a while now, and finally decided to get married. The engagement lasted about three days, I think. She is just now getting around to telling her friends. It is very much her modus operandi. So, congratulations to her. It sounds like there will be a wedding sometime in December.

Maybe this is the new trend. Get married, then have a wedding sometime later. If the bridal companies get their hands on this, then in ten years, you will not have had a complete marriage until you have had both a full blown marriage ceremony, followed several months later by a full blown wedding.

How many signs of the apocalypse do we need?

October 5, 2007

And a little bit... not

So for those of you that know Khuul, he had a fist sized tumor removed from his colon yesterday. They also took out his spleen for good measure, while they were in there. Coming soon: chemotherapy. For someone my age, too many of my friends have had cancer. I think one is two many, but the number is now more than one, and we're mid thirties. We're about twenty solid years ahead of the curve. Go us. Bleh.

In other news, Ninsi is going to a country bar tonight with her trainees from work. I suspect she would enjoy it more if they were trannies. I'll abstain from the country bar. Instead, I'll lay around the house. Maybe fix a martini and paint the bedroom. No, the other bedroom.

Odds of a third dog being introduced to the household this weekend? Approaching unity.
Odds of that dog weighing a tenth of what either are current dogs weight? Let's just hope they dont think the new dog is lunch.

October 24, 2007


My back is in some pain today.

Sometimes, when Ninsi and I are messing with each other (namely, when Im tickling her) the dogs will get agitated because the humans are fighting. Or something. Luna just barks. Barley has taken to being a more active participant and started nipping the knees of one of us.

Last night, we tried to determine if he was going after Ninsi in particular all the time, or just whichever human seemed to *not* need help. So I let Ninsi 'get' me, and Barley started yipping and then scratching. He scratched my back real good.

Enough that I had Ninsi pour some hydrogen peroxide on it. It looked better this morning. All of the small welts were gone. But I still have four or five good scratches. And I can feel a couple of them constantly. It's not pain, but that dull stinging that lets you know it is there all the time.

Stupid dog.

October 25, 2007


Dreams can be very scary.
Last night, I don't know why, but I dreamed that I was talking to George Bush. Yes, our current President. I forget exactly how we wound up in the same room together. I think I was taking something there, or delivering something, but we started talking. And I get trying real hard not to get pissed off at him and just go off. But he wanted to know what I thought about everything, and I started telling him about everything he was doing wrong, and some of the things he should start doing while he still had time. He was not really listening though. And I was still getting pissed off in the dream. We walked around a lot in the dream. But he still could not see what he was doing wrong.

It was nice when I finally managed to wake up.

October 29, 2007


Halloween party = done. I can shave again. Huzzah.

I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken today for lunch. That's KFC for the younger folk out there. I had not been for a couple months, and the first thing I noticed was the new menu. Occasionally, places have to change their menu. Items, prices, etc. If they remodel, they will change the whole menu display. No problem, and this KFC had actually undergone a remodel in the last year. So, today, I was a little surprised to find that they had done away with their old menu boards completely. Now, instead of pictures and prices, they have flat panel displays that serve as menus.

The displays are the same size as the old menus, but now they have graphics and crap. And Im sure it makes it a lot easier to change out the items. I have no problems with places moving to menu displays like this. It makes a lot of sense, really. I just never thought of KFC, this one in particular especially, as being on the vanguard of fast-food tech.

I mean, they dont even have pepper in the store. At all. Seriously, no pepper.

November 2, 2007

Halloween dregs

So, I had some time after lunch today and stopped by Spirit, the Halloween Store. Today is the last day they are open. I perused through what was left. By and large, it was crap. What struck me though, was the Julie McCoy Halloween costume.

Julie McCoy, from The Love Boat.


November 28, 2007


I may have used the same subject recently. I dont care.

Ninsi is not enamored with her new drive. It is much closer to home though, so it doesnt take her as long. It is more annoying. Namely, because in the last two days, she has been rear-ended twice. Yesterday at lunch, and then again this morning on the way in to work. It has left her in an, understandably, poor mood. Both were low-impact collisions, causing only minor bumper damage, but still, twice in two days? That just sucks.

I thought that I was going to get to see a throwdown this morning on my way in to work. After I turned a corner and was slowing to stop behind traffic, I heard a guy in the left lane just screaming out his door. His door was open and he looked about to get out of the car. Mostly he was just screaming and yelling at the Civic in front of him. Then the guy in the Civic got completely out of his car and started yelling back at the first guy. I couldnt understand most of what was said since my windows were up, but I did hear the second guy say something like "You want to be a Big Boy?" and he was not someone that I would want to tussle with. The first guy probably rethought any inclinations he had about getting out of his car when the second guy got out.

Then traffic started moving. It went to one lane and I wound up between the two cars. Once we had two lanes again, the Civic rolled down his window and continued the conversation. I stopped at the light and let them get on with their business.

I would have liked to have seen a smack down though. It would have made for an entertaining morning.

December 3, 2007

No Limit

Fa la la la la

It's December now. And it was 80 degrees yesterday. Went to see "No Country for Old Men" with Reptile and Zero. Pretty good movie. Lots of off-screen shootouts.

I used to have a MBNA Mastercard. Bank of Maryland, I think. BoA (Bank of America) bought it out a few years ago. So I had, against my will, a BoA card. But it is an account I have had since I was in college. This weekend, they sent me a new card to replace the old one. It already has a stupid high credit limit which I dont use. I keep it pretty much at zero balance. But in the letter with the new card, I noticed the line "This card has no pre-set spending limit."

I thought that was interesting. Especially since it still has a credit limit. So, today, I called them at lunch to see what that was all about. The guy I talked to did not know. So I asked him to find out, it being his job to know, and all. And after about a two minute hold he came back and told me that basically, I can go over my limit without charge. I just have to pay it back down below my limit by the next statement. So, if I charge $5000 above the credit limit, there will be no over-the-limit fee. But when I get my statement, I have to make a payment of over $5000 to get the balance back under my credit line.

Unless I decide to purchase a car on the credit card, it is a feature I should hope to never employ.

December 7, 2007

Not news?

It must have been a slow news day the world over this morning. When I checked CNN to see what was happening in the world, their headline story was about how people still loved the Commodore 64.

How am I to compete with that?

December 28, 2007


Ninsi and I both got new phones a few months back. I think it was late May.
My phone had a rather unique problem. If I set an event in the calendar, or created an alarm, then the phone would ring every night at midnight. When I checked the phone, it would be displaying a date of January 16, 1896, or so. I could scroll the date backward and it went to something like the year 10001. It was a little annoying, since it made the calendar function mostly useless. But I wasnt the only one that had the problem, and Samsung eventually released a software update that fixed the issue. Hopefully. I took my phone to Verizon today so they could update the software to the new version. Instead, they took all of my information from the phone and uploaded it to a new one. So Im pleased with that. The new phone does have the latest software version. New phone, new battery; go me.

In other random news, the friend of a friend of mine was hit by a bus yesterday. My first thought on being told this was "How do you get hit by a bus? That only happens in movies and cartoons."
But the dude was hit by a bud. While he was walking, not driving. He spent the night in the ER, but was released today. He'll be fine. But seriously? A bus? They aren't very stealthy, you know...

January 8, 2008

Talkie talkie talkie

So a friend of mine supplied me with tickets to the Dallas Stars hockey game last night. She left four tickets for me at the the arena. So Ninsi, Reptile, and I went to the game last night. The fourth ticket was left unused. They were very nice seats. I had never been to a hockey game before, but it was a good time. I probably would enjoy it a lot more if I understood the rules. I may have to work on that if I plan to go again.

The only downside to the whole thing was one of the girls that sat in front of us. She was cute, but spent the entire match talking to her friend. Constantly. Non-stop. She had one of the guys with them fetch her a pizza at some point, and I thought that she might stop talking long enough to eat that. But no, she just talked right through the eating. She did not really detract from the game, but she was seriously annoying at times.

Ninsi and I head back to the gym tonight after taking a month off for the holidays. I lost over ten pounds last calendar year. Im pretty much at a good weight now. Just maintenance from here on out.

Stupid five day work weeks. Give me four 10-hour days. Please.

January 10, 2008

Apparently, he got better

If Ive mentioned this before, I apologize.

The cube across from me houses people on light-duty. Generally they are folk that can't manage their normal duties (such as flight attendant) because they are pregnant, or have cancer. Those seem to be the two big reasons, anyway. But they only have light-duty for a few months before they have to do something else. So there is a new person in that cube every few months.

Anyway, for a while, is has been a guy with cancer. That's fine. Ive got nothing against guys with cancer. But he talks about it all the god-damn time on the phone or to whomever is in his cube. I can't tell how many times Ive heard about all the problems he's had, or the pills he is taking, or all the weight loss. Or, the fact that he has been diagnosed with "Stage 4 Terminal Cancer, TWICE."

Again, TWICE.

So, apparently, stage 4 terminal is not as bad a I was lead to believe all these years.

I also really did not want to overhear him telling two other people about his first, and last, ever encounter with a woman. About how it was all wet down there. And how grossed out he was. Oh yes, he's not straight.

I just really dont want to hear about it.

January 17, 2008

Burn out

I found this list today. It only went through 24. But number 24 is the one that matters to me. I just didnt want the extra ten years of schooling. Id be done by now though. (This is a list of the highest paying jobs in the US)

The top 24 according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

1. Surgeon: $181,850
2. Anesthesiologist: $174,610
3. OB/GYN: $174,610
4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon: $169,600
5. Internist: $156,790
6. Prosthodontist: $156,710
7. Orthodontist: $153,240
8. Psychiatrist: $151,380
9. Chief Executive Officer: $140,880
10. Engineering Manager: $140,210
11. Pediatrician: $140,000
12. Family or general practitioner: $137,980
13. Physician/surgeon, all other: $137,100
14. Airline Pilot: $134,090
15. Dentist: $132,660
16. Podiatrist: $111,130
17. Lawyer: $110,590
18. Dentist, any other specialist: $106,040
19. Air Traffic Controller: $100,430
20. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $100,110
21. Marketing Manager: $100,020
22. Natural Sciences Manager: $97,560
23. Sales Manager: $96,950
24. Astronomer: $96,780

February 18, 2008


Sometimes, the coincidence is just too great.

So, Saturday, Ninsi and I drove up to Guthrie for her great grandmother's birthday celebration. It rained the whole time. The. Whole. Time. We took both of our cameras. The new digital camcorder from Christmas, and the little digital still cam we've had for a few years now. Tracy took a few pictures and then, randomly, the camera just stopped working. It wasnt the battery, the camera acted like something had just come lose inside and the lens would not close anymore and it was showing an error on the viewscreen. You can still view the pictures already taken, but it no longer will take new pics. Im not sure if it would be worth the expense to get it fixed or not. The non-funny thing is that on Thursday, I was cleaning out the office, and found all of the stuff from when we bought the camera. The owner's manual, the original box, the receipt, all of it. But decided we did not need any of that any more. So on Friday, all of that went out with the trash. The camera broke on Saturday. Wtf?

I went outside yesterday and realized that my yard is being overrun by dandelions. I thought I had taken care of them last year, but apparently I failed. I spent an hour pulling them up yesterday and still have a ways to go yet. I'll not let them have the front yard. This weekend, I'll go on a major offensive to completely rid the yard of all dandelion spawn. I 'spect I will had quite a bit to the four piles of pulled plants I have already created.

February 27, 2008


In a dream last night, there was a little girl. Her name was Barbara. I dont know anyone by that name. If you looked her in the eyes, she could make you completely forget about her. You'd forget her name, that you knew her, and anything about her. I dont remember why she wanted no one to know about her, but I did spend most of the dream with my eyes closed, so she couldnt make me forget. Since I remember that her name was Barbara, I was obviously successful. It was still a little weird, though.

I spent most of yesterday evening restless. Finally, I decided that the locks on the door leading from the garage into the house needed to be changed. So, about a quarter of 11, I changed both the locks on that door. Im hoping the restlessness will be eased once the time changes and I have more daylight.

Had I not changed the locks, I probably would have taken a file and started sharpening the lawnmower blade. I gotta find something to do in the evenings.

February 29, 2008

Pod people

What is up with people that like Macs also must have a Volkswagon? It just doesnt seem rational. Cant have one without loving the other.

It's been a long slow day. Im just ready for to end in a couple hours so I can get on with my weekend of doing a lot of nothing. Probably some yard work. Kill some fire ants. Have a margarita. Or two. A few.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

March 5, 2008


Did the caucus thing last night with Ninsi. Turnout was much greater than they expected, of course. There were a few hundred people in the school cafeteria, and they only had about three sign-on sheets. So they made more.

Rather than get into the whole ordeal, suffice to say it was a pretty big cluster*. Our precinct was one of the last to finish because our chairperson was a nimrod. And he and one of the women about got into it because he was just an idiot about some things. In the end, we did not do a couple of things the way they were supposed to be done, but our delegates have been selected. Ninsi is one. I am an alternate. Which I had really planned on being, but so many people left before the delegate selection that we needed extras.

There's always more than I never remember.

March 28, 2008


Today is cooler. But this week has been nice.
I think I might have to go on a hunt this weekend for earthworms. I need some in a small planter to help the soil out a bit.

So Luna, the dog, has a stone in her bladder about the size of a lemon. Which is about as big as her bladder is. She has been peeing blood for a couple weeks. We took her in and got some pills for her a couple weeks ago, when the vet said he couldnt feel anything so it was probably just an infection. Since the pills didnt seem to be helping, Ninsi took her in yesterday for x-rays, and they saw the big-ass stone.

That is gonna require surgery.

*sigh* stupid dog.

April 28, 2008


I may have mentioned Friday that I wasn't feeling real swell. When I finally made it home after work, I took my temperature and it was a pleasant 100.6. That went a long way towards explaining how I felt. I was not able to actually take a nap though. Just couldnt get to sleep. Which is not odd. Naps don't go well with me. So, mostly, I did nothing Friday. Laid around, and went to bed about midnight. Ninsi gave me a muscle relaxer and I finally slept. Got a solid six hours before waking up. I dozed a little after that. But I haven't had six uninterrupted hours of sleep in weeks, so that was nice. I also felt more or less normal by Saturday morning. Good enough to mow the yard, anyway.

Ninsi and I drove down to the lake for a while, just to check it out. We may try to go out there sometime this Summer. Either for a picnic or just to hang out. Overall, a nice, but not exciting day. We had dinner with Zero Saturday night, and when we got home, the dogs did not greet us at the door. That always raises an instant red flag. If they arent at the door, something is going on, generally, or they have escaped the back yard.

I have put a whole lot of effort into making the backyard fairly escape proof, but that doesnt mean they couldnt manage it if they tried. And someone had mowed the empty lot next to us that afternoon, so the dogs had been riled up by that as well. Anyway, it turns out the dogs were in the backyard. Barley was staring at Luna, and Luna was standing guard over her latest kill. Apparently, when they were mowing the empty lot, they stirred up some rabbits. And at least one managed to get into our back yard. It was probably a lot easier to get in that it would be to get back out. There wasn't any fur left on the rabbit's head, and not much left on it's belly. It was pretty nasty looking, so I tossed it over the fence. Otherwise the dogs would have fought over it all night.

I've lost count of the woodland creatures Luna has now killed.

May 5, 2008


I made the drive back from Oklahoma yesterday. It was nice and easy. Not too much traffic so it went well. It was mostly uneventful, with a small exception.

As I was driving South on 75, I saw something on the North side that caught my attention. This was outside of McKinney still, so pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Anyway, on the Northbound lane a truck and a car had pulled over onto the shoulder and about four individuals were standing in between the two vehicles. I figured someone had had car troubles and the other was helping out. Instead, what I saw was four people standing between two cars, and then one of the guys lunged at one of the others and hit him right in the face. And then the fight was on. Unfortunately, I was traveling at 70 mph the other direction, so I did not get to watch the outcome.

I just could not, and still can not, figure out why they would be fighting on the side of the road. If it was a case of road rage, why the Hell did they pull over in the first place? And it's not like there was a lot of traffic to really get fussy about. Idiots. I would not have been surprised if they rolled out onto the highway into the path of a truck.

The rest of the evening was uneventful.

May 7, 2008


Played some racquetball last night with Zero. We played last Tuesday as well. It was the first time we had played since last May when I was found to have the blood clot. Racquetball was something that the doctor explicitly forbade me from doing while I was on the blood thinners. But it is good excercise, so we are playing again. After last week, I was a little sore, but not hurt. Last night though, I hit the wall hard once, and now my shoulder is actually bruised. I think I hit a seam in the wall, because there are distinct lines in my shoulder.

After we had played four matches, we were about to play one more and a couple guys asked if we wanted to play doubles. So we did. We arent very good, and they were much better than us. And one of them hit me right in the back with the ball. It hit it hard too. This morning, I have an oval shaped bruise on my left shoulderblade about the size of a flattened ball. It stung like a bitch last night. Now it is just sore from the bruising.

In random news, when I left work yesterday, I was still on the fifth floor of the parking garage, where I always park, when I saw a rabbit just hanging out. A young rabbit. I stopped the car and thought about catching him. But it didnt really want to be caught. That, and i wasnt exactly sure what I was going to do if I did catch it. I was more curious about what it was doing up where it was. It is a solid half-mile of concrete ramp to get to the fifth floor. Not something i would have expected a rabbit to do.

Maybe a hawk picked it up and dropped it there on accident.
Maybe a hawk picked it up again later, cuz I didnt see it today.

May 15, 2008

I married a wench

Grand Prairie has a minor league baseball team now. They started playing this week, and the home opener is tomorrow. Ninsi and I went up a month ago and bought tickets to opening night. While there, she filled out an application, hoping to get a job behind the bar in the restaurant. They called last night, and want Ninsi to be a beer girl. So she's going to do that. She's officially a wench now.

I also now have a spare ticket to the game.

We put in our low-ball bid on a 15 year old truck yesterday. I went fairly low because I dont *need* a truck. I just could use one about 4 times a year, and that just isnt often enough to spend a lot of money on one. But it is a blind auction, so I just gave a number. If I get it, go me. If not, then it isnt a big loss. Im not sure where I would actually keep a truck anyway. The City will not let me just park it on the grass, and the gate is too small for a truck to fit through in order to park in the backyard. So, if I do accidentally wind up with a truck one of these days, I will have some logistic issues to hammer out.

Looks like we're heading to teh Ren Faire early Saturday. We have to go in the morning because the wife has wench duties to perform on Saturday night. And Sunday night. And Monday night. I hope she makes good tips.

May 27, 2008


Yesterday was Memorial Day (observed), so no work, and no school. We made it a mostly relaxing weekend. I mowed the yard and killed a bunch of weeds. And we went out Saturday and Sunday night. Good times all around.

Im not sure if it was a statewide thing, or just a Lowe's, but they were having a tax-free day for any Energy Star appliances bought. And Lowe's specifically was giving an additional 10% off said items. So, if you were looking to buy a new refrigerator or washer/dryer, this weekend would have been the time to do it. Tax free, plus ten percent is a pretty good deal.

I have been wanting to get a programmable digital thermostat for some time, and since they are also Energy Star, Ninsi and I went to Lowe's to get one. I looked at the flyer online, and found the one that I wanted specifically. When we arrived, I found what I was looking for, and they had two left. And one that was a slightly upgraded version. However, all of them had already been opened, and put back on the shelves. It looked like they had been bought, taken home, and brought back. I asked someone if they could find me one that was unopened, and that person said he'd send someone to help. They never did. Another random Lowe's employee walked by, and I told him I wanted one that was unopened. Because I wasn't going to pay full price for one that was in the condition of these. He looked at them, and said he'd try to get me 50% off of one. He was gone less than a minute and said it was approved. So I bought the upgraded version that was orginally $70 for only $35. And still no tax. ;)

One thing Ninis noticed when looking at the small pamphlet I had picked up was that all of the new thermostats "contain no mercury." It's been phased out as a health and environmental danger. First thing we did when we got home was install the new thermostat. It took a little longer than it should have, but it wasnt hard. So, now we have a nice new programmable digital thermostat, which should result in some lower electric bills for the Summer.

The other neat thing is that when I took off the old analog thermostat, the first thing I see is two vials of Mercury (Hg) that is used for regulating temperature. I dont know what Im going to do with it, but I cant just through it away, because it is just too cool to not keep. And anyway, throwing it away would be a violation of code, Im pretty sure, since it is toxic. So, I guess I have to keep it.

Hopefully, I wont soon be blogging on the ills of Mercury poisoning.

June 4, 2008


Our dogs fail at killing bugs. Both of them.

There was a small beetle in the house the other night. Ninsi and I were sitting on the couch after dinner and we saw it making the long trek across the living room floor. It crawled right in front of Luna, who was laying on the floor. Less than an inch from her paws. Barley at least would sniff at it, and if prodded, he would paw at it, but without us trying to make them do something, they completely ignore the bug.

Not that I really need a dog that will kill bugs, it would just be funny.

Eddie Izzard show tomorrow night. Ninsi is very excited about it. She's a huge fan. Sometimes, I find him funny. And Friday, no work for me. Taking a random holiday. Will probably help Zero move some stuff to his new house in the afternoon, but it will mostly be a relax day.

My tomato plant is not making tomatoes. I dont know why.

June 16, 2008


In short, Accent Movers in Ft Worth sucks. A whole lot.
Friday night was Thrill Kill Kult. And that was good. But Ninsi and I had to get up and about late Saturday morning and go to Khuul's house to help them move. Our plan was not to really help them move, so much as it was to pay for the movers that would be doing most of the work. The movers were to show up sometime between 2-4 and take all the big stuff to the new house. We went over early to make sure everything was ready to go.

It wasn't. But that was okay, because at 2 pm, the moving company called me and said they got a late start that day and would not be able to make it until 5 pm. Okay, so that gave us a couple more hours to get stuff ready. We also started loading up Reptile's Hummer and Khuul's truck with stuff that we had really expected the movers to take, but since we had nothing to do but wait, we kept working.

At 5 o'clock, no one showed up. At 6:30, we left the house with our load(s) since we had not heard from the movers, and none of the numbers I had for them were being answered. Needless to say, I was rather pissed. They did finally call at 8 pm, long after we had unloaded the stuff at the new house and assembled the bunk beds. I had to reschedule them for Sunday at 1.

Given the option, I would have told them to take a flying fuck, but I was sure I would be unable to get movers on Sunday, otherwise. Ninsi and I had to cancel the plans we had for Saturday night since we were still helping with the move. By the time we finally got home, I was in no mood to do anything. So we played some Lego Star Wars.

Sunday, we went over to the house again to wait for the movers. And even though they called to verify the time, they were still a half hour late in arriving. And wanted me to pay them in cash (which I refused to do since I had been told they took debit). Everyone else loaded up more boxes and went to the new house while Ninsi and I stayed and made sure the movers got all the big stuff. Two hours after they arrived, they finished loading the truck. I was hoping the whole move wouldnt take that long. In total, the move time was 3.5 hours. And most of my Sunday was shot.

The weekend was not a waste, as we were able to get Khuul moved, and that was the main thing. But it just took way to much effort on my part. By the time finished mowing the lawn yesterday, I was completely beat. I did call the moving company today at lunch and complained about the whole thing. The girl that answered the phone was very apologetic, but that really doesnt help a whole lot.

I briefly debating 'googlebombing' Accent Movers to a suck page. But that is more effort than they deserve from me.

June 26, 2008

How to feel old

Back at work after taking a couple days off to hang with the Squid. She and Ninsi are out today at Six Flags.

Yesterday, we all went out to NRH2O. A water park in North Richland Hills. We spent the day there and it was pretty nice. The park seems fairly laid back. Being ran by a city makes it more of a community place and it isnt as profit driven as a private park like Hurricane Harbor.

The first ride we went on was basically a water roller coaster. You get into a two person inner tube and ride down the thing. It has water jets that push you up the hills. While we were in line, there was a girl of about seven years old right behind us in line. She seemed to be by herself and started talking to us. She'd already been on the ride a couple times, etc. Eventually, we got to the top and the Squid and I got into one tube and went on down. Ninsi was about to get into a tube for herself, when the little girl asked her "Was that your daddy?", in reference to me.

Sure, to a seven year old I must appear ancient, but still... :(

June 28, 2008

10,000 BC

10,000 BC is easily one of the worst movies ever.
Not because of plot.
Not because of production.
No because it doesn't make sense or have continuity.
It's just so fucking anachronistic.
Steel? 12,000 years ago? A sexant? The sextant really did it for me.

July 11, 2008

Fail - see: Epic

Im a cool guy. Ninja coo. All of the time. Except for some of the time, when I'm not quite. One of those instances happened last night.

I made pizza. I've done it before, I'll do it again.
All was going well. I had cooked my sausage, and pre-cooked my crust and the pizza itself was actually done and on my plate.

I grabbed the crushed Red Pepper from the cabinet, took off the lid, and began it shake some out on my pizza. Instead of shake out, it came out in a pour. And it wasn't red pepper. It was Cinnamon.

Yes, I had just covered one piece of pizza in cinnamon. Im not sure why it was in the spot where i was expecting pepper.

Undeterred, I put the cinnamon up, and grabbed the crushed Red Pepper, took off the lid, and began to shake it out on top of the cinnamon. Instead of shaking out, it came out in a pour. And it wasn't crushed red pepper. It was ground Cayenne pepper.

So, not only did I fail twice to put Crushed Red Pepper on my pizza but it was now super-hot and super-cinnamonny. About the time I finished cursing myself out for this Fail, I heard a piercing scream behind me that did not stop. Ninsi was hopping around on one foot because she had dropped a piece of steaming hot pizza cheese on her toe and it was apparently eating through her flesh. Once she finished screaming, she even said she probably should have kicked it off her foot sooner.

What happened to the cinnamon pizza? I ate it. I felt it was proper punishment for such a huge fail. I wont say it was good, I will say it was full of taste.

July 18, 2008


I found this funny.
I read a story about PETA this morning, and in the story it had a link to their latest commercial about spaying and neutering your pets. I clicked the link.

They have web filters here at work, and this is what I got back:
"The Websense category "Violence" is filtered."

Apparently PETA = violent.
That's just too funny.

July 31, 2008


Ive been meaning to blog.

I've just been overloaded at work, and have not had time.
Do it when not at work, you say?

Nah, I dont see that as an option.

August 12, 2008


I have not been watching the Olympics. But I have been following them, somewhat. I would rather watch the competitions live, instead of delayed, so I generally just check the medal counts and read up on the stories long after they are complete. It is less enjoyable for me if I know who's going to win a given sport. If I dont know the outcome, Im more likely to watch.

Apparently the Chinese are intent on presenting the best possible face, even when it involves trickery. The opening ceremonies that everyone saw on TV, and even some in the stands were digitally enhanced. And the little girl that sang during the ceremonies was actually lip-syncing. The girl that actually sang the song was deemed to be not cute enough for TV.

And people say we Americans are image obsessed.

August 15, 2008

Rather large

I am 6' tall. That is a taller than the average American, but not by a great amount. A couple inches maybe.

Today, I went to pick up my Saturn from the dealership. Nothing wrong with it, just needs some scheduled maintenance. While I was there, I asked them if I could get a trade in value for the Mustang. Since we have been thinking of trading it in for another sports car.

They let me drive home a 2008 Saturn Sky so that I would be able to think about it and show it to Ninsi while they came up with a number for the trade in. The car drives real well. Putting the top up and down is pretty annoying, but outside of that, I really like the car, except for one thing... Im too tall to be comfortable in it.

It just doesn't fit me real well. I feel like I am all akimbo. The seat is as far back and as low as I can get it, but I feel like I need two more inches of leg room. All of the controls are well placed, and it is a good ride, but I just dont think I can get past feeling cramped. So, I dont think we will be getting a Sky anytime soon. Unless they can pull the seats back a little farther.

I guess I will have to stick with big sports cars like the Mustang. Poor me.

September 7, 2008


Was in the living room today watching some football and cleaning up a bit, when Ninsi called me from upstairs. I knew from the tone that she saw something outside that needed my attention. I figured that Barley had taken something outside that he shouldn't have.

When I get up to the balcony, I look and say "Yep, that's a dead cat."

In the middle of the yard. A cat got into the yard at some point and the dogs don't suffer intruders of that order. Actually, I suspect that it was Luna that killed the cat. She's the more territorial of the beasts we have. Ive been waiting for nightfall so that I can bury it in the empty lot next door.

This is the second cat we have found dead in the backyard. Darwin nods sagely.

September 11, 2008


So, as we all know by now, the Large Hadron Collider is now online and smashing particles. It's easily among the coolest things since the wheel. A great many folk are worried that it will destroy the Earth by creating a black hole or a rift in the space/time continuum. No likely. But, for those that want a better answer, and a place to check daily if something such as that has happened, here is the website for you:

Has the LHC destroyed the earth?

September 12, 2008


I think I have mentioned before that I sit across from a cube with a rotating group of employees. It is generally pregnant women, or people with cancer who are on 'light duty.' They can't do their normal job function so get to sit in this cube and do easier work. It's only for a max of six months. I think in the last two years, there's been eight or so different people work in that cube.

Today, when I came in, I noticed that the chair had a trash bag in it, and on top of the bag was a towel. My first thought was that maybe the very pregnant woman sitting there currently was having bladder issues. Then I realized that no, she is just so close to birthing that her water could break at any time. Personally, I think that she would have been better off if the water broke and soaked into the chair because the chair can just be replaced. But anything that rolled off that garbage and onto the floor would just soak into the carpet.

She left at noon though. Today was her last day on light duty and she's going on maternity leave. No breakage. Thank Jebus.

September 16, 2008


Ninsi and I have an online "high-yield" savings account. It's called high-yield only because it has a higher return interest rate than a regular savings account. I think it's currently just over 3%. It is an HSBC Direct account. And by and large, I have not had any problems with it.

I set it up a couple years ago after I started my current job. I get paid twice a month and I set up the online account to do an automatic debit from our bank account about the same time I got paid. The way it is set up is that you create the recurring transaction and set it up for a number of instances. I set it up to go for a year. At the end of that year, I went back in and was disappointed to see that the 'twice a month' option was no long available. I had to use the 'every other week' option.

Though not really a problem, it was annoying because it now falls on odd days in the month and not in the middle and end of the month like before. I even emailed the HSBC customer service and inquired about it. They replied that the option was not used enough and therefore, removed. I can't imagine that it was actually costing them money to keep the option there. But whatever.

The new, every other week transfer schedule ran out a couple weeks ago. I went in today to start it up again and to my dismay, the 'every other week' option is gone. Now I can only do a automatic transfer once a week or once a month. I've emailed the HSBC cust serv again. If they can't give me a better option, then I will take all our money out of that bank and find a new high-yield with someone else that gives me the transfer options I want.

I just have to think that it cost more in man-hours to remove those options than to leave them there.

In non-related annoying customer services things: when I was on my way back from lunch today, I had to merge onto the highway. The big-rig to my left was refusing to budge and let me in where I should have been able to merge. So I slowed down til I could finally get on the highway. This guy just kept trucking along, tailgating the little car in front of him. Im not generally one to call someone in, but he had annoyed me, and was only a few feet from the car in front. So I thought I might call the number on the back of his truck and report him. I looked for the number, and it was there. Mostly. Except he had scratched out the prefix portion so you wouldnt know the full number.
Im guessing he had been reported a few times and got tired of it.

September 23, 2008

Stupid dogs

Ninsi got out of bed randomly Sunday morning and happened to look outside. Good thing, because she saw our dog running around outside. I thought maybe the gate had managed to come open or perhaps Barley had barreled through one of the slats in the fence. But no, instead, he had ripped apart a slat on the neighbors fence and gone through their yard.

By ripped apart, I mean there were several pieces of wood in our yard between 1 and 3 foot long where he had gotten a piece of the fence and just pulled it apart. I spent the next hour doing repair work on the back fence. The whole back fence will have to be replaced eventually, but I will have to talk to the neighbor about that. Technically, that fence is his, but if he's game, we'll pay half to get it redone. Since he built a shed in front of it that runs most of the length of the fence, I suspect that he has no idea in what kind of shape it is in.

The wife has also indicated that NPR is too right-wing for her. Some of their guests are a little too far too the left for me.

October 7, 2008


Ninsi and I got back from OK yesterday. Her great grandmother passed away last Thursday. 101 years old. Not bad.

After we had got back last night and had settled in a bit, we were sitting on the couch, when we heard a significant 'crash'. Both of the dogs were in the living room with us, so no immediate culprit was available. I thought that the mirror we'd brought back from OK may have fallen, but it was fine. I did not see anything in the kitchen or laundry room either. Ninsi was on her way up stairs to check on things when I opened the door to the storage area under the staircase. As I opened the door, stuff just slid out.

That was our coat closet. Every coat we own hangs in there. And on top of the coats we have all of our games on that shelf. I had opened that door an hour earlier and put Ninsi's new parasol on the hanging rod. It had all fallen down. Games and coats were everywhere. I shoved it all back in and closed the door. I'll leave it as a project for next weekend. Or the next. I just couldn't believe that it all fell down.

OU/saxeT is less than 96 hours away. BOOMER!

October 10, 2008

Green / Dim

They are remodeling the bathrooms at work. There is one set of bathrooms per floor. So, for the next few weeks, I will have to walk upstairs to take a bio break. That's not a big deal. Many people in the office here can use that little bit of exercise. I was told that they are making the bathrooms all more eco-friendly; green, even. So they are being completely redone. And since they started at the top and are moving down, I can see what it will look like on my floor when it is complete.

Apparently, going green in the bathroom means you dim the lights.
Not that that is necessarily a bad thing.


October 13, 2008

Movin' on

Football this weekend was poor. I reckon we'll try again next year.

Slow weekend, outside of the football. Ninsi and I mostly puttered around the house. On Saturday we went to dinner with Zero and Ehlana, then had drinks at Piranha Killer Sushi. Ive never eaten there, but I've had drinks there a couple times. And Reptile came over for a little while on Sunday to hang out.

That was pretty much it for us. Got a couple weeks til Halloween now. And the weather is starting to cool off nicely. I think we already know what we are wearing for Halloween, so no sewing to be done.

Today is Columbus Day. If you're Canadian, it is Thanksgiving. Ninsi and I have to figure out what we are doing for Thanksgiving this year. If my mom is not cooking a turkey, we may stay in Dallas and cook one ourselves. Maybe see if her dad wants to come up from Houston. I don't think it very likely that we will stay in Dallas though. I 'spect we'll wind up in OK for the holiday.

October 22, 2008

Lamborghini commute

This morning was the first time in three (work) days that I did not see the same Lamborghini going the opposite direction of me on Beltline. Since I saw him at the same time for a few days running, I figure he is either just getting off work, or on his way into work.

Either way, Im left wondering who the Hell commutes to work in a Lamborghini? Maybe he was a banker that had to get to work early because everything is falling down. Maybe he's just a douche that won the lottery. I can understand driving it to work every now and again. But not for an everyday commute.

When I lived in Florida, I saw the same Lamborghini every now and then. I think the guy that owned it used it as his regular driving around car. I can't imagine it is so fantastic that I would want to sit that low all day long. Maybe it is a fantastic car. Maybe if I had one I would drive it around as an everyday thing. So, I really shouldn't judge. Let me win the lotto and I'll recant if need be.

I'd rather have a Tesla anyway.

October 27, 2008


Went out last Thursday to see Cruxshadows play. Seems like they used to come through Dallas right after DragonCon. Not two months later. They are probably much busier these days though and hit more cities in general.

Friday night we went out to Panoptikon as we have been doing lately. I was talking to a girl there and she and her husband are from Tulsa. So we talked about Tulsa a little. On the drive home, I realized that I actually knew that girl when I lived in Tulsa. When Namweenae and I were still dating, this girl at Panoptikon was often our waitress at Pepper's. We never saw or talked to her again after she quit working at Pepper's. But somehow, even after almost 14 years, I remember her, and what her husband does, and her birthday. My memory is not as good as it used to be, but apparently the old information is still sitting around in there.

Saturday, I made some damn good french fries. Reptile, Zero, and Dre came over for dinner so I did a little cooking. Today, Im just exhausted. I slept well Saturday night and Sunday night, after not sleeping at all Friday night. But I think I still have some catching up to do. Got to get well rested for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Yes, I am a better cook than you.

October 29, 2008


Insurance. We had a lunch meeting today with the company that employs me. It was just to go over our insurance stuff. Nothing changed. I met with the HR woman a few weeks ago and asked about it then. Our provider and coverage are all staying exactly as they currently are. The only difference is that the amount I am paying for the coverage will go up by about 100%. Yes, my insurance cost is doubling. I expect it to go up on a year to year basis, but I did not expect it to go up by that much. The rate for a me by myself would have gone up by about 200%, but Ninsi is on the plan with me.

Im not going to rehash the arguments about insurance being too expensive. Everyone knows that it is. Especially for people like Ninsi and I that rarely, if ever, go to the hospital. I feel like I am having to pay for every overweight, crack-adled, welfare grubbing, heroin baby drug addict that is out there.

Life is not fair, I get that. That doesn't mean it still doesn't piss me off, though.

November 6, 2008


It has been over a week, I think, since last I wrote. I've been meaning to. I always mean to. I just often do not do it. As with many things, I tend to think about doing it when I am driving, or otherwise unable to actually do it right then.

Since the last time? Halloween happened. I had a four day weekend for that, and it was very good. Not having to worry about work for a couple extra days really felt nice. It has caused me to already start looking forward to my Christmas vacation which will be for almost a two full weeks. I'll be taking a couple days at Thanksgiving, of course, but not too many.

Tuesday night, Ninsi and I went up to the hospital to visit our friend, Khuul. He has been battling cancer since last October. It is starting to look like he may lose that fight. It is tragic, it is terrible. It is a great many things, and it pisses me off mightily that there is not a god damned thing any of us can do about it. Miracles have happened before, be they of science or nature, and that is what Khuul now needs.

I really do not like thinking about it, but it is impossible not to. Segues are forced, but necessary. So, Ninsi and I are going to see the King Tut exhibit tomorrow night. We bought our tickets many moons ago. And at least twice, we have forgotten when we were supposed to go. I'm still not sure of the actual time, but I think we're going to go around 8 pm. Mummies, gold artifacts, and a cash bar. Nothing bad can come of that...

November 13, 2008


Rumor has it that a new expansion came out for World of Warcraft last night. Most of my friends play it. And last night, several of them went to Best Buy or Wal-Mart or both to try to get the new expansion at midnight.

I used to play an online multiplayer game. I quit. Gave it up. Walked away. Never have looked back. I don't want to get involved in another one, and I'm really glad I have stayed away from WoW. It is, by all counts, better in every single way to the game I used to play. But that doesn't mean Im going to start playing it.

My friends are addicts. I do need to find some way to occupy my free time though...

November 14, 2008

The Code

The unspoken code is now available in paperback form.

I went to Barnes & Noble today and picked up a copy of "The Bro Code." It's a book of rules to live by for bros. With nuggets of wisdom, such as:

Article 81 - A Bro leaves the toilet seat up for his Bros.
Article 118 - When a Bro is with his Bros, he is not a vegetarian.
Article 140 - A Bro reserves the right to simply walk away during the first five minutes of a date.

This last is also known as the 'Lemon Law'.

Words to live by, my friends.

*Amendment VIII
A Bro may toss the Bro Code out the window if Scandinavian twins are involved in any capacity.

November 18, 2008

Gnat my eye!

This morning, Im sitting at work. Haven't been here more than about ten minutes. Just catching up on emails from overnight, when a gnat suddenly flies straight into my right eye. By the time reflex kicked in and I closed the eye, it was already at my eyelid.

Gnats are not very sturdy creatures. Catching one in your eye, immediately followed by your finger rubbing the eye while you think "What the fuck was that?", results in exactly what you would expect. Squished gnat. On the eye.

Fortunately, it was in the corner of my eye and only took a few moments to rub it out. But still, what's up with the Kamikaze gnat?

December 1, 2008

Help control the pet population

Ninsi and I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with our families in Oklahoma. Mostly with hers. But we will spend most of Christmas with mine. It's a trade-off where no one really wins. Ninsi is thinking that next year, instead of messing around with the driving and the families and scheduling, that perhaps we should just take a cruise for a couple of days. We're going to put some serious thought into it.

Reptile checked on the dogs for us while we were gone. And for the most part, they behaved well. Nothing was destroyed when we came home. And only a couple things were outside that shouldn't have been. The one that takes things outside no longer really chews stuff up. He just takes it outside and leaves it there. That's a bonus.

They did, however, have one surprise for us. When we got home last night, both dogs were very excited to see us. And after the jumping and running was done, Barley went outside and started to bring in a new present for us - another dead cat.

This makes three cats that have been killed in our back yard. The last one was only three months ago, if that. There was no collar, again. So it was probably a stray. I would like to know which dog actually was doing it. One is very territorial, and the other is just strong in the jaw. It could be either. I'm developing quite the little pet cemetery, populated only neighborhood cats.

Also, the new TV still looks awesome.

December 3, 2008

Ants in a bog

Sometimes, I saw things that I dont really mean. For example, a couple years ago, Ninsi asked me if I wanted the DVD collection of the cartoon "The Tick." I must have misunderstood exactly what she was talking about, because I said 'No.' I didnt mean that, because I really love that cartoon. It was on Cartoon Network for a while, and I managed to DVR most of the episodes, but then we had to get a new DVR and I lost them all.

Im reminded of it today when Mo is telling of her breakfast. She mentions something called 'ants on a log' which I guess is a piece of celery with some peanut butter and raisins on it. Her breakfast was something like oatmeal, bananas, and raisins and something else. In her head she was calling it 'ants in a bog.' It immediately made me think of the Tick episode wherein some mucus from a very sick Tick is used to make a clone. At the end of the episode, the Tick purposefully mispronounces the antagonists name (Thrakazog) as:
Four ax in a bog
Lap lands a zog
Two laplanders and a dog

And because of Mo's Ants in a Bog breakfast, I suddenly want to watch The Tick again.

le sigh.

December 16, 2008

Ice, ice, baby

I debated not coming into work today. But figured I should at least try. The weather dropped significantly yesterday, and there was a chance of precipitation, which could have made for some icy roads today. But when I got up, it looked fairly clean, so I came on in. I waited about an extra half hour just so other people trying to get to work by eight could get off the road. The roads coming in really were not very bad.

They have either gotten worse during the day, or the ice was just North of us. As I was going to lunch today on 183, I saw a Camaro just in front of me lose control on the overpass at Beltline. It slid across the highway and hit the barrier on the median. And started to slide back across when it was hit by a Cadillac that then slid out and went down the embankment on the other side of the road. I, and several others, stopped and checked on the people that went down the embankment. They apparently did a few spins on the way down, but did not flip or anything. I stayed around until the cops and ambulance showed up, then went on my way.

I took the access roads most of the way back to work so as to avoid the overpass completely. When I left the scene, there were two cop cars and one ambulance. As I was going back the other way after lunch, there were at least 8 cop cars and two fire engines. Most of the highway was completely blocked off.

January 9, 2009

Moving along

Well, that was disappointing.

The 3D technology was interesting, I'll give it that. There were a few production hiccups. But most of that was worked out in time. What was by far the most annoying was the lack of multiple camera angles. The 3D guys apparently only had a few cameras, and they were all on the same sideline. We got to see the game just fine, but it was generally from a lower angle than you are used to seeing on TV. And occasionally, they would just miss a play because they were still focusing on the sideline after the previous play. I blame that on the director not paying enough attention to the game.

There were some technical glitches as well. I got the impression that they take an image, split it out, work some mojo, then put it back together on the receiving end. Though, it may also require dual projectors in the theater. But several times during the broadcast, the image on the screen started to split apart, and your brain tried to follow both at the same time. Every single time it happened there was a collective groan from the audience as our brains tried to process images in a way it just isn't mean to do. No, someone with a lazy eye probably would not have had an issue with the splitting, but they also probably wouldn't be able to see the 3D to begin with.

Overall, I'd say the technology is not yet ready for the big time. It's still a gimmick. It does give a real nice depth to the image on the screen, but that's not enough to overcome the flaws, yet.

February 3, 2009


The Super Bowl is over.
Now begins the longest time of the year: The time between the Super Bowl and college kickoff in September. The Pro Bowl is still to come, but that doesn't really count as football, generally.

Ninsi and I got our new phones yesterday. Me the Omnia, and her the Storm. Probably going to be playing with them for a while. The bitch of it is having to rebuy chargers for the car and maybe work, since they use completely different connections that our past phones. My is even the same brand as my last one, but I can't use the power for it.

With football out of the way, Ninsi and I don't have a whole lot going on for a while. Going to OK one weekend this month, and then the Squid will be coming down here for a week in March.
We will get a little busy again in April with our anniversary and such. Probably should start thinking about where we are going to eat dinner that night. We're thinking Nick & Sam's right now. Never been. Not even sure if it still exists.

February 18, 2009


Went to dinner with friends last night. Reptile was not able to make it because of some work issues, but he called me while we were eating and asked if we'd be able to do drinks somewhere afterwards. Not being a group to turn down drinks, anytime, we were all fairly amenable to that.

We elected to go to the Republic, which is a fairly nice place for drinks or happy hour. I've been there a couple times before. On a Tuesday night, we were not expecting it to be very busy, and it was not. However, when we sat down, the waitress came over and said that all they had to drink was some red wine, some white wine, and Dewer's scotch. That's it. No beer. No other liquors. Some issue with them opening a new bar in the restaurant and the liquor licensing issues therein.

Given those options, we instead elected to go to Cadillac Ranch. We sat out on the patio and everyone ordered a drink from our young, cleavage baring waitress. The girls all got the same thing, and it tasted like ass. Reptile had drank it before and said it was usually quite good. So all those got sent back. In the meantime, a band started playing and was so loud we couldn't hear. Ajourning to the inside, we started over. With dessert.

I noticed today that the phone I recently bought is now $100 cheaper than when I got it. I am going to go back to Verizon and try to get a refund of that on mine. Worst case scenario, I can return my phone for the $35 restock fee, and just buy a new one at the discounted price. So I should still be able to come out ahead $65. I bet they try real hard to deny me.

still vibrating...

February 26, 2009

Sometimes, they come back

Leaving for work yesterday morning, Ninsi and I both noticed the same thing. Namely the large black cat in the street. It is 100% dead. Probably was hit by a car overnight. All I know for sure is: our dogs did not do it. They haven't made it out of the backyard since Barley went through the fence. We don't have many stray cats in our neighborhood. I suspect this is due to the large population of stray dogs.

Unfortunately the dead cat was still there this morning. Im hoping to remember to call the city to have someone go pick it up.

Last week, we threw some leftover cake into the empty lot next to us. I occasionally throw bread over there for the birds to eat. Apparently one of them picked up a piece of the cake and either could not carry it, or was attacked in mid-flight by another bird that wanted the cake, because we have a piece of the cake on the deck now. I suppose neighborhood kids could have thrown it up there, but it's smaller than kids would have messed with, and they would probably have thrown it all over the place instead of just one piece on the deck. So, we're fairly sure it was dropped by a bird.

Or the cake is trying to get back at me somehow...

March 19, 2009


Sometimes, I worry about people. They scare me with their complete lack of knowledge. Especially some waitstaff. By way of example:

Tuesday night, we (ninsi, squid, squid cousin, myself) went to Dave & Buster's for dinner. While we were waiting for everyone else to arrive, we asked the waitress if we could get fettucine alfredo. It wasn't on the menu, but since the Squid is now vegetarian, and we were trying to figure out what she could eat. And most places that have any Italian dishes can make it, even when not on the menu. The problem was the conversation went thusly:
us: "Do you have Fettucine Alfredo?"
her: "I dont know what fettucine is."
us: "It's a pasta."
her: "All we have are the long noodles."
us: "..."

Granted, she had only been working there a week, and it was probably her first job ever, but still, I didnt think fettucine was a secret. How do you respond to something like that?
And another:

A few weeks ago, Ninsi and I had lunch at Genghis Grill. I asked the waitress for a Vodka Tonic and had this conversation:
me: "Can I get a vodka tonic?"
her: "I dont think we have the stuff to make that."
(Alarms go off in my head as I can clearly see a full bar behind her)
me: "Oh, are you out of tonic?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Vodka?"
her: "No, we have that."
me: "Limes?"
her: "No, we have those. Is that what's in it? I'll go check..."

Vodka tonic. If you arent drinking something straight, it's harder to have a more simple drink. The fucking ingredients are listed in the name of the drink. I can live without the lime, even. Which I did at D&Bs Tuesday because our fettucine impaired waitress didnt bother to put any in my v/t there.

So, is it me? Or are these people just severely lacking some basic mental facilities? I feel sorry for them, not to mention the future.

March 25, 2009


I feel like I should commemorate this post, somehow. Ive been blogging (poorly) for something like, five years now. I would have to go back into the archives to actually get the initial start date. Regardless, I have managed to do it fairly consistently for quite a while.

This post marks the 1000th blog post. Surely that is momentous, right? I should have something noteworthy to state or report, but that's not really my style. Which is why I think my readership hovers in the tens, maybe.

As my 1000th post, it should, will, and must stand on it's own. Maybe 1001 will be something of greater socio-political interest. How can it not be?

March 27, 2009


post 1001

A week or so ago, I went to the garage for something, and on the ground I noticed some mouse turds. It's a garage, so I wasn't terribly surprised. I figured the mouse had come in and probably chewed into something. Then I saw what it had chewed. There was a mouse sized hole in my bag of and killer.

I think my mouse problem took care of itself. We call that natural selection...

Ninsi and I went for a walk the other day. I wanted to walk up by the middle school to see if the track there was open for public use. It is not. Which sucks, as it is so close, I could walk up to it and run the track for a few miles. But it is school use only. Yet my taxes pay for it, so Im not sure I agree with that. We took a different route through a new edition on our way home, and after walking by one house, a small black and white blur came from around the fence and ran right up to us. It was a little Boston Terrier and quite friendly. But it didnt have any tags. Ninsi picked it up and was petting it when it suddenly jumped out of her arms and ran back the way it came.

It was like a guerrilla dog greeting.

It is finally Spring. And Ive managed to mow the yard once. I dont think I am planting any vegetables this year. But I haven't totally ruled it out yet. It's almost too late, but it's also still been pretty cool, so I dont think I would have gained much by planting early. I'll decide by next weekend if I want to bother.

I also think Im going to have to talk to the neighbor about the fence we share. It's barely holding itself up.

April 8, 2009


Not much to say today. It's a really effing nice day outside, and I'd rather be not inside working.

As most people know by now, Grand Prairie has a professional baseball team. It's not a farm team, but part of an independent minor league. The great thing about minor league teams is that they try very hard to entertain the fans. Regardless of the product they put on the field, fans are expected to have fun. (Grand Prairie actually won the Southern division last year in their inaugural year).

What makes it fun? Well, it is pretty cheap and easy to go and is a pleasant way to spend an evening. And they do a lot of promotions to get people into seats. I was just looking through the schedule for the Summer, and was struck by this promotion, which typifies everything that makes minor league great...

Saturday, June 13 - Fireworks/Octomom night

That's just fantastic. I dont even know what it means, but it's funny.
Also, at the end of the season, apparently the Dallas Desire will be playing at the stadium. What is the Dallas Desire?

That would be the women of the Lingerie Football League.

April 23, 2009


I think it has been three weeks now. I was at Zero's house when I received a call from Ninsi. Three of the neighborhood children had just knocked on the door and basically handed her a puppy. There was some discussion between them and her about it, but in the end, they just gave Ninsi the dog, and left.

It is my suspicion that they found the dog, took it home, were told 'no', by their mother, and then proceeded to knock on doors until they found a sucker to take it. They didnt have to look very long.

Turns out though, he was a good dog. At least seems to be well-mannered for a puppy. We have decided to keep him, and named him Toby. He's going to be a little smaller than I generally like my dogs, but that's fine. He is probably a mutt. I think that he has border collie or australian shepherd in him, but the tail is not right for either of those.

Since we were planning to get a new dog this Summer anyway, the addition of Toby isn't a real problem for us. And he and Barley play together a lot, which entertains both of them. We were afraid that the bigger dogs might try to eat him, but I since Toby is a puppy, they are more tolerant.

Im still hoping he's mixed with a bigger dog and can get above 50 lbs, but I expect him to top out at abotu 40.

May 5, 2009

Ugly dog

I got a message from Ninsi today who had gone home at lunch to check on the dogs. Basically, Toby, the new dog, is in an awkward part of his growth. He's doubled in size since we got him, and most of that appears to be in his ears and snout.

His head needs to grow a bit to catch up. Ninsi is afraid he will not grow into himself and ultimately be an awkward, ugly dog. Will she love him less if he's an ugly dog? He won't be a Satchmo, so it's hard to say.

We attended the Ren Faire over the weekend. Was down there for about six hours, which I think is the longest I have ever spent there in one day. And it appears we may be going back in three weeks. Because I guess that is what we do.

Somehow every weekend of this month except the last one has something planned for us. I dont know how I feel about that. I need to figure a way to plan more things that involve me getting free drinks. Then at least I would know how to feel about the event.

I'll start working on that...

June 19, 2009

Old Smell

I had lunch the other day at Taco Bueno, as I do every now and then. As soon as I sat down and started eating, I noticed a rank smell. It took no time to identify the odor as coming from the old woman in a wheel chair at the next table. She just smelled 'old.' Like that nasty smell you get in nursing homes sometimes. Not antiseptic, exactly, but old. Death, even.

Im sure I wasnt the only one that noticed it, but there wasn't exactly anything I could do about it. Most of the tables in the restaurant were taken, and it would have been really obvious had I just got up and moved to what empty tables there were. The woman, and the people with her, left maybe a minute after I sat down. So I hoped that the smell would dissipate quickly.

The nose normally adapts to new aromas very quickly, and I expected that with her gone, the scent would go too. But it lingered. I think it clung to my clothes. The only time I could not smell the stench was when I was taking a drink of Dr Pepper and my nose was buried in my cup.

It wasn't the old woman's fault, by any means. But I hope, that should I ever get so old and feeble that the Squid has to push me around, that she will at least douse me with cologne or body spray so that I dont cause near retching everywhere we go.

June 25, 2009


Tonight is Shakespeare in the Park night. An annual tradition for Ninsi and I. It is the unofficial anniversary of our first date, the second time around. Tonight we are seeing The Merry Wives of Windsor, one of the bard's 'weaker' plays. But, there's about a dozen of us all going together, so we'll enjoy it anyway.

Since we have a large group, we were able to give them a group name. We are, apparently, the "Friends of Frogmore." I was an advocate of Special Patrol Group, myself, but I didnt make the reservations.

The weather today was forecast to reach 107 degrees. There's no way that isn't hot. If this continues, August will be completely unbearable, and we're going to have electric bills that could bankrupt us. We could probably have some work done in the attic to make the system more efficient, but that would cost us more than the electric bill. But would pay for itself over time. So I'll have to look into that soon.

Making a brief trip to OK this weekend to pick up the Squid's cousin. She'll be coming down for a couple weeks and they can keep each other company. Having two teenage girls in the house should be no end of fun. joy joy.

July 8, 2009


The big dogs got into a bit of row the other night. Not sure exactly what set them off, but I pulled Barley off Luna and took him outside so they could calm down. Luna had some blood on her fur, but was not obviously injured anyway, so I went to check and see if somehow Barley was bleeding.

I opened his mouth and he was bleeding from his gums right near the front. Something jagged was stuck there, but I couldn't tell if it was a large splinter from him chewing through the fence, or a broken, decayed tooth.

Either way, we decided it had to come out. I put on a heavy shirt and some gloves so I could hold him down and Ninsi got the needle-nose pliers. Barley didnt even struggle while she made two attempts and then just pulled it out. As soon as it was out, he started running around the yard like a happy dog. Turns out it was a tooth. He had apparently managed to break it at some point and it was completely rotted. I suppose it was causing him a lot of pain in general, and suddenly having it out was a big relief.

I imagine it has been bothering him for weeks. Stupid dog doesn't let us know when he's in pain. Im glad we didnt take him to the vet. It was too easy for whatever that bill would have cost, since Im sure they would have sedated him. Now, all we gotta do is keep an eye on it to make sure it doesnt get infected.

Stupid dogs.

August 20, 2009


I have a great disdain for Starbucks. I'm not sure exactly why. Normally, if Im driving, and someone is needing to turn across a lot of traffic that is backing up at a light, I will stop and leave plenty of room for them to cut through. But if they are trying to get into, or out of, a Starbucks, I will roll on up to the car in front of me. But not get too close, because I dont want to leave enough room for the other person to get in or out of the Starbucks.

I think it started in FL with my old roommate. She was always drinking venti somethings. Annoyed the piss out of me.

In other news, today the Squid is officially moving in to live with us. Like, permanently. It was her decision, and we support it completely. It will be a change for all of us. Mainly in suddenly having instant teenage girl living in the house. I'm taking off early today, and all day tomorrow in order to get everything taken care of for the start of school in just four days. She needs at least one immunization shot and we have to get her enrolled. She claims to need to go school shopping. Im telling her that since she is moving to a new school, in a new city, in a new freakin' state, that all her clothes will be new to all the kids at school. Shopping for new stuff is by no means a necessity at this point.

Plus, it is tax-free weekend in Texas this weekend, and there is no way I will mess with those crowds. Id rather pay the tax that fight everyone else. That $10-15 savings is just not with the hassle.

Dragcon - T minus 2 weeks

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